Lacustris has three annual internal competitions, for which a challenge cup is awarded to the winner. These cups are the PB Cup, the Target Time Cup, and the Summer Cup.

The PB Cup is awarded at the end of the skating season to the person who achieved the largest number of personal bests (PBs) during that season. For this cup, only the PBs that have been skated at a regional race, an IUT, or a NSK count.

The Target Time Cup is awarded to the skater that manages to approximate his/her target times the closest. The target times have to be set before the start of the season, and again only regional races, IUTs, and NSKs count.

To keep skaters active even in the summer, we brought the Summer Cup into existence. The concept for winning this cup is very simple: the Lacustriaan who attends the most summer training sessions wins! As you can see, participating is (more important than) winning.