Our student organisation N.S.S.S.V. Lacustris was founded in 1993. Today we have more than 100 members and sport levels for beginners and advanced. We have the possibilty to join matches for every level, but there’s no obligation. Our home track is in Dukenburg, called Triavium. We have a variaty of sports you can join: ice skating, speed skating, running, cycling and core stability training. Aside from all the sports we also have a lot of ‘gezelligheids’ activities. Montly drinks, trainingweeks in the Netherlands and abroad, BBQ’s, Party’s and a lot more! If you’re interested or still have more questions feel free to get in contact with our board: pr@lacustris.nl. You can always join us for a free try out training. Take a look on our site for more information about the trainingtimes.

The Board

The Board is responsible for everything in the association, so feel free to ask them everything!

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