As a skating association, we do not sit still in in the summer. We can’t skate in summer, but there are plenty of other ways to train!

Monday: core training
On Monday evening we work on our core (thighs, buttocks and torso). Three types of exercises are used for this. For example, various exercises will be used to train the abdominal and back muscles. This way, a greater stability is created in your torso, which you need on the ice. In addition, attention will be paid to the strength in the leg muscles. Various exercises are also used for this. Finally, there will be ‘skating on shoes’. With various skate-specific exercises we sharpen the movement in the summer, so that you have time in the winter to pay attention to other things! The training is accessible to all levels.
Tuesday: inline skating
There is inline skating on Tuesday evenings. During the inline skate training, attention is paid to balance and coordination and of course nice skating to work on your endurance. There are assignments that are typical for a skater, but also assignments that are typical for a skater. If you would like to come and skate with us, please contact the board! Then we make sure there is someone there to cycle with to the training. It is possible to borrow inline skates and/or protective equipment. During training, wearing a helmet and wrist guards is mandatory. The training is open to all levels. N.B. In case of bad weather, the training will not take place; this will be indicated well in advance of the training via the website and Facebook.
Wednesday: cycling
On Wednesday evening, the legs will be kicked loose. During the cycling training we work on the endurance and a little on strength training. Various forms of training will be used for this and, of course, the Nijmegen area will be used. Many training sessions are on fixed tours or we cycle in groups so that cyclists of all levels can participate. Wearing a helmet is mandatory during training. Also think of lights, spare tire, a water bottle and possibly something to eat.
Thursday: forest-/stepstraining
On Thursday evening it is time for the forest training. This takes place alternately at the steps of Veur Lent or in Heumensoord. This training consists of coordination, strength, skating and endurance exercises. Both locations offer varied training options. Remember to bring a bottle of water with you. The training is accessible to all levels.