The winter is of course only about one thing: ice skating! At Lacustris, this is possible at all levels at least two time a week. De training groups are compact and all have their own trainer. This way, everyone gets personal attention from the trainer. This also helps for the team spirit.
Every year, the competion secretary, Technical Committee and the trainers discuss in which group the skater will perform best. In total there are four different groups: the A-, B-, C- and D- group (from beginner to advanced). In addition, some Lacustrians drive in the track selection, this is by invitation.
For beginners, the emphasis in the training is mainly on learning the skating technique with the help of all kinds of exercises. For the more advanced skaters, the training sessions are aimed at improving endurance, speed, but of course also technique. The training is non-committal, but it is expected that if you are not able to come to send a cancellation to your trainer. 
In addition to the common long track training, there are other trainings. For example, Lacustris offers marathon training on Wednesdays with the help of a subsidy from the RSC. An annual contribution of €10 is requested for this (on top of the basic contribution). The marathon training is offered in two groups: beginner and advanced. A requirement here is that you can walk a good turn and skate in a group. For more information, please contact the Marathon Committee (
Just like in the summer, core stability training is also offered to support the skating training. Since your legs already have done enough on the ice, these workouts will put more emphasis on abs and back muscles. But do not fear, you will also come home tired from these training sessions!